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We at Hyundai Bioland will give our all in our business activities to expand the values of our shareholders and stakeholders.

Board of Directors
Name, Category, Role, Date of appointment, Term, Liability Insurance, Remarks table
Name Category Role Date of appointment Term Liability Insurance Remarks
Lee Hee-joon CEO Overall
Oct. 6, 2020 3 years O Chair
Jeon Seung-mok Internal Director Management -
Yoon In-soo
Kim Dae-seok
Oh Hyun-taek External Director
(Audit Committee
Mar. 29, 2020
Nam Yoon-sung External Director
(Audit Committee
Technical advisory
Ko Kwang-hyun External Director
(Audit Committee
Technical advisory Mar. 22, 2022

※ Article 31 of the Articles of Incorporation and Article 3(3) of the BOD Regulations stipulate that the total term of an external director shall not exceed 6 years.